Lounge on the beach, swim or hike to the top of Point Dume and look for whales!
— Courtney M.
  • More About Your Oliver: Courtney Murphy

  • Trip Type: Family

  • IDEAL LENGTH OF TRIP: A weekend or even better -1 week


SFO- Virgin. However, if you live in Marin flying To/From Oakland is rarely ever delayed!


If I'm not staying at my mom's, VRBO this house. or Malibu Beach Inn. Also our friend's newly refurbished spot called The Native Hotel is close to Zuma Beach and Point Dume.





  • Tra Di Noi at the Malibu Country Mart: One of our favorite spots! Make sure to get a table outside and the kids can play on the playground while you enjoy a glass of wine. 

  • Cafe Habana: A regular spot for our family, Randy Gerber's spot at the Lumber Yard. Best margaritas chips and salsa. 

  • Malibu Farm: Dinner on the Malibu Pier!





  • Go whale watching perched at the top of Point Dume's picturesque lookout spot. Spot sea lions and watch for the whales to surface or spray.
  • Surf lessons or Surf camp!
  • Hike: La Jolla Canyon
  • Beach: Westward or Zuma




Best beach day: head to Point Dume early and park in the Westward Beach Parking lot. From their you can lounge on the beach, swim or hike to the top of Point Dume and look for whales! In March and April the Mamas and babies are making their migration back from Mexico up to Alaska. Hike down the staircase and check out the tide pools at Big Dume. If you spend a week in the summer the best
day camp is the Malibu Makos where the kids safely learn to surf at Zuma Beach. The Malibu Makos also offer private
individual and family lessons.


Don't go to Nobu on a Friday or Saturday. Yes the food is amazing but the tourist factor is high.