Downtown Las Vegas (not the strip)

You must carve out time to fly above the downtown on the “SlotZilla” zipline. It’s hard to beat if your family is up for an adrenaline rush!
— Skye P.


  • IDEAL LENGTH TRIP LENGTH: 2 days or longer depending if you want to check-out activities/events along the Strip.


We flew Virgin America and walked or took Ubers everywhere.


We were fortunate to stay with friends in downtown Las Vegas. They recommend:


  • PublicUS- Our favorite restaurant. Despite its strange name and off-the-beaten-path location, the food and atmosphere are fabulous.
  • Le Thai
  • Pizza Rock 
  • Container Park- You can find delicious daytime fare at many of the restaurants in this area.
  • Read more about the restaurants of downtown Las Vegas HERE.  


  • SlotZill Zipline- First and foremost, you must carve out time to fly above the downtown strip (not to be confused with the ‘Las Vegas strip’). You can take off in a seated or “superman” position and it’s hard to beat if your family is up for an adrenaline rush.
  • Container Park- An urban 'park' crafted from renovated shipping containers that offers the only playground you’ll find for miles (complete with treehouse slide), restaurants, shops, a 4-D entertainment “dome” and a fire-breathing firefly sculpture that was shipped to Las Vegas from Burning Man. The park serves as a central hub for many of the new families and millennials who have moved to this area.
  • Neon Museum- Six acres of filled with a collection of relic Las Vegas signs. 
  • Mob Museum - Isn't it obvious? 


  • Tony Hsieh, CEO of (located here), has poured $350 million of his own money into revitalizing this historical area of Las Vegas. He is the mastermind behind Container Park, many of the area’s newer restaurants and businesses and Fremont 9, a residential project that is currently under construction. A good way to learn more about this project is to sign up for a tour of Zappos (which is fun anyways):


  • The Heart Attack Grill- Diners are asked to don hospital gowns before indulging in heart attack-inducing fare such as the bypass burger. If that isn’t enough to scare you, we hear the food is terrible, too.
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