Published: December, 2017
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Art Basel, Miami, Florida (Art Lover Guide)

By night get a drink in your hotel bar and take in the people watching...pretty stunning during this weekend. You’re sure to see a celeb or two.
— Courtney Gerlich
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to & from

  • We took a flight down from New York after spending 4 nights in the city. There are tons of direct flights to Miami daily.
  • Another option, a much more posh option, is to book a seat on BLADEone, a weekly private jet service that will take you and 15 others from NY to Miami on a Bombardier jet.

Where to Stay

We stayed at The Miami Beach EDITION which I loved! Super cool lobby/bar area, their signature scent greets you the moment you walk in and is my newest obsession (I burn the candles in my home now), the decor is quiet, clean and relaxing, the restaurants are incredible, there’s a basement club, ice skating rink AND bowling alley, the pool is hip and it’s definitely a hotspot during Art Basel.

Where to Eat and Drink

The only drawback to going to Miami during Art Basel (first weekend in December) is that a lot of celebrities and/or companies do buyouts of the best restaurants/bars/clubs in town so unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, you’re not going to be on the guest list and will have to eat with the commoners. That being said we learned that by simply tipping your concierge, you too can get a much sought after reservation in town.

  • The Bazaar - I'm a huge fan of the Beverly Hills location so this was at the top of my list. The space/decor is much different in comparison. Tall ceilings, white decor (versus black) - beachy elegance. Some menu items were the same however there was a lot of Cuban/Latin influence which was fun. Don't miss the caviar cones and "Cubano".
  • Matador Room (at The EDITION) - What a stunning meal! I could have eaten here every day. Our favorites included the spicy tuna tartare, Florida stone crab, crispy fish tacos, raw shaved snapper, roasted snapper, Tres Leches cake, and the vanilla fritters. Yum!

What to Do

  • Spend an afternoon wandering around Wynwood. It's funky and a hipsters paradise - great food and an awesome urban art scene. Some of the most iconic photo backdrops you'll see published are the murals there otherwise knows as The Wynwood Walls.
  • Go to Art Basel at - Miami Beach Convention Center. Wear comfortable shoes because you'll be doing a lot of walking
  • Visit the art fairs Pulse and Scope that are literally on the beach inside huge temporary tents. I didn’t know what to expect but they were definitely the highlight art-wise of our trip.
  • Soak in some rays at your hotel pool or the beach! By night get a drink in your hotel bar and take in the people watching...pretty stunning during this weekend. You're sure to see a celeb or two.

inside scoop

During the day be prepared for some serious traffic if you’re trying to get across town. A ride that would normally take 5 minutes will be 30-40 mins during this crazy busy weekend.


See Art Basal from the perspective of Art Consultants, SB Fine Arts, here.

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