We are avid travelers with busy lives (including kids, husbands, dogs and jobs!) who believe that half the fun of travel is planning the trip. Time and again we realized that the best trips we had were those based on our friends’ recommendations.

We were using social media to share travel recommendations or blast emails requesting recommendations prior to a trip…and we thought to ourselves – there has to be a better way to source and organize travel ideas.

Meet Oliver.

Oliver allows you to capture, plan and share your travel memories with your friends (and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends….you get the point.)

Every other week (on Tuesday!) we feature a new destination filled with the skinny on how to get there, what restaurants you need to try, cocktails (yes, please) you must order, shops that will have you needing a bigger closet and the museum that you can skip.

Pack Your Bags…We Are Going All Over!