Corre Larkin

HOMETOWN: Newport Beach, CA.

FAMILY STATS: Married with babies

TRAVEL MOTTO: Allow yourself to do everything or nothing at all. No pressure. If you like the place, you'll come back.

FAVORITE VACATION: Capri, Italy and Sun Valley, Idaho. These places could not be more different on the outside but they are very similar on the inside. I am also a big lover of India. From a houseboat in Kashmir to a palace in Jaipur, I am in.

ALWAYS IN YOUR SUITCASE: My Rainbow flip flops, my Iphone to document my trip and a few books in case there are no bookstores with english books where I am going. I know I should get a kindle but I am still a lover of actual books.

BUCKET LIST VACATION: Bagan, Myanmar. I want to take a hot air balloon over the temples. Japan - I want to travel all over. I am half Japanese and have still never been. Modena and Bologna, Italy - I just want to go there and do nothing but eat. Marrakesh - I want to lose myself in the souks and bring home everything. Lamu Island - Kenya. Because it looks like a great place to escape life for awhile.