Published: December, 2017

Havana, Cuba (Courtney Druen)

Make sure to visit the cafe in the patio for good music & drinks served by Manolo - he’s a gem
— Courtney Druen
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  • Trip type: Adult, City
  • Activity level: moderate
  • Ideal length of trip: A LONG WEEKEND IN HAVANA

to & from

I went before Cuba opened up to Americans. We took a charter flight from Miami. Take taxis and talk with your drivers.


Stay in Havana, not outside the city. Expect that your hotel will be different than what you expect. I liked Hotel Seville for its location, staff and wifi. Visit the cafe in the patio for good music & drinks served by Manolo – he’s a gem.  Go up to the gallery on the top floor for drinks/bites/cigars & 360 degree views of the city.

eat and drink


  • Havana Art Market
  • Fine Arts Museum (Cuban collection): Ask for Omar as your guide, he is a friend & he is everything!
  • Habana Art Gallery: The owner & his team have a good edit, make sure you see all the back rooms.
  • Check out the market on Sunday on Paseo Marti. Really great gifts.
  • Vedado is a nice day trip. If you go, hit Los Naranjos for dinner.
  • Habana Riviera hotel is known for 50's flair and a fun pool. They also have a big market in an old warehouse that gets good reviews.
  • Try to visit artists in their homes and studios.
  • Talk to the locals and artists.
  • Take early morning runs around Havana.
  • Eat at Paladares

inside scoop

  • Dress simply and modestly. I left my watch at home and wore a dress, sneakers and sun hat everyday.
  • Bring paper products for the restrooms.
  • Ask for monedas (coins) when you exchange money. You will need them for tips.
  • Wrap your bags in plastic wrap at the airport.
  • There were no ATM or credit card machines. You could not exchange American dollars when I was there, but this may have changed. I know the prices have gone up and had friends run out of cash - which was my nightmare

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