Published: June, 2022
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Dead Sea (Jordan Side), Jordan

Dead Sea is the lowest Point on Earth... the Sea is 420m below sea level and eight times saltier that the average ocean!
— Lindsi Bradbury
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  • Trip type: Adult, Family, Beach
  • Ideal length of trip: 1-2 days

to & from

Private transfer from Amman- we booked a driver for the week we traveled through Jordan.

Where to Stay

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea– Deluxe rooms- with balcony onto the pool- joining rooms

What to Do

Dead Sea Float is the main activity by day and catching the sunset by night!

Attendants will lead guide you to the Sea. When you enter the water you will note that is very oily. After your float, you will exit the water and attendants will rub the black mud mask all over you, then we walked around in the sun to let the mud mask soak in! Then we entered the Sea again to get the mud mask off, and then attendants rubbed salt… then off to the shower where my skin never felt so fresh and lovely!

In the evening, the sunset is not to be missed; the colors are spectacular – grab your cocktail and enjoy! And realize there is nothing floating on the dead sea.

What to Pack

Bathing suit that you don’t mind getting dirty, the mud is very strong, I suggest a dark suit and wear the hotel robe to the beach!

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