Published: September, 2018
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Las Flores, El Salvador

El Salvador Surf Paradise
— Heidi Gregory
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  • Trip type: Adult, Family, Group getaway, Beach
  • Activity level: moderate
  • Ideal length of trip: Five days

to & from

There is a direct Avianca flight from San Francisco to San Salvador, and business class is relatively affordable. The San Salvador airport is very nice, and customs was a breeze with no long lines for us.

  • Las Flores Surf Club will book you a driver to and from the airport and make sure you have their cell phone number. It is a zoo once you are outside the airport, but you will connect with them.
  • You do not need to rent a car.

Where to Stay

Las Flores Surf Club: an eco-friendly resort right on the best surf break in El Salvador. Right now, this is the only hotel in the area.

  • Wavehunters Global Surf Travel, based out of Southern California, does the booking for Las Flores. They can book flights, hotel and surfboard rentals.

Where to Eat and Drink

Hotel food only. This place is remote and the area is not quite developed yet, so you should only order a bottled beer if you venture outside the hotel. Hotel food is traditional Salvadoran, so order pupusas every chance you get.

  • The hotel has triple filtered water system, and has filtered water stations throughout the resort with cold water at all times. Take your favorite water bottle to make it easy.

What to Do

Surf and paddle board on the fantastic break in front of the hotel.

  • Get a massage every day (US$40!) and do yoga on the most amazing cliffside platform overlooking the Pacific.
  • Walk from Las Flores Beach over to El Cuco Beach (about 10 minutes along the beach). This is where you will see the local flavor, and be the only non-Salvadoran around for miles.
  • Make friends with the other 10 or so hotel guests. It makes it a lot of fun for your time down there!
  • Most important: Work with the hotel to either volunteer at a local school or ask if you can bring supplies for them. It was one of the most rewarding travel experiences my 12 and 15 year old have ever had. They loved giving out the soccer balls and games and footballs, and getting to play with the kids for a bit. The poverty level is sobering, but so is their happiness.

inside scoop

This is truly a surfer’s paradise. You should go in with an open mind and heart, and you will be rewarded with meeting some of the most amazing people.

  • Take cash to tip the staff on your departure, remembering that the average annual salary is equal to US$4,000. We also gave a few hundred dollars to the school and they were so extremely grateful.

What to Pack

It is hot and humid, even at night, so nothing heavy, and definitely nothing fancy.

  • Easy shoes to walk in: flip flops or Birkenstocks. There are lots of steps since the resort is built into a cliff-like area, which I promise, you will get used to.


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