Published: October, 2018
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Miraval Resort and Spa Tucson, Arizona

Bring a highlighter! You will find it handy for highlighting your weekly Miraval schedule.
— Kelli Walden
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  • Trip type: Adult, Group getaway, Solo, Desert
  • Activity level: moderate
  • Ideal length of trip: 3 Nights

to & from

Fly into Tucson International Airport (TUS) and a private Miraval shuttle will pick you up and take you on the 45 minute drive to Miraval.

  • The shuttle will be shared with as many as 9 other guests arriving with in a half hour of your arrival time. Look for the Miraval host at baggage claim.
  • The shuttle guide will have cold water and the weekly activity guide for you.
  • Your luggage will be transported to your room upon arrival and will be put back into the shuttle upon your departure.

Where to Stay

The accommodations at Miraval range from the smallest called Native Spirit to Suites and Villas. There are no bad rooms, just different sizes. Some have tubs and fireplaces most are standard with a shower and a small outdoor patio. The rooms are located in villages numbered from 100’s -700’s. Staying in the 100’s-300’s puts you in the center of the property close to the spa and pool and the restaurant. All rooms have filtered water, a coffee pod machine and mini refrigerators.

  • To make the most of your time at Miraval plan on arriving on property by 11am. This way you can hit the ground running with a full day ahead of you. If your flight won't arrive in Tucson until later in the day stay at a local hotel for the night then shuttle over to Miraval for your first full day by 11am.
  • Miraval's beds and bedding are like sleeping on a cloud. You will be enveloped in luxurious softness like never before. The bedding including the pillows are so good they even sell them in the gift shop so guests can recreate the feeling at home.

Where to Eat and Drink

The food at Miraval is included in your stay. All meals and snacks are healthy and freshly prepared. Your portions will be smaller than standard American restaurant portions but you will never go hungry.

  • Try new things, if you don't like it you can try again.
  • Don't miss the Prickly Pear Iced tea! A house specialty with just the right amount of zip.
  • Miraval serves alcohol. This is not included in the stay and the charges can be pretty steep ($14) for a cocktail. Brace Bill lounge is the place for evening appetizers and a glass of wine.
  • The pool cantina serves light snacks (get the agave and chili dusted bar mix with pretzels and nuts) and alcoholic beverages.
  • No need to bring your own water bottle. You will be gifted a Miraval water bottle upon check-in. Be sure to fill up at the fantastic filtered water stations that are everywhere on property.
  • If you are going on any of the excursions that begin at 6:00AM stop by the cafe the day before and grab a yogurt parfait and some fruit for your in room refrigerator as the restaurant and cafe do not open until 6am.

What to Do

Miraval can be what ever you want it to be: Spa retreat, enlightenment journey, nutrition reboot or kick off, team building, couples therapy (ratio of women to men here is about 70/30), girlfriends get-away, fitness boot camp.

  • Equine Theory. If this is your first time to Miraval take advantage of the one of a kind Arizona offering. Only here can you meet Wyatt and his horses. Head to the off property stables where you will learn how a horse reflects YOUR psychological state.
  • Use the spa every day. Miraval was designed initially to include one spa treatment per guest per day. Not all guests receive daily resort credit these days however Miraval is best utilized when you take a trip to the spa daily. The spa is known for incorporating treatments from various spiritual ideologies : Native Indian, Ayurvedic, Eastern, Western. Go with your non-traditional experiences here and you won't regret it. Favorites include Naga, Rose Renewal, Spirit Flight, Monsoon Cocoon, Abhyanga. Whether you are receiving a service or not make use of the sauna and hot tubs. The quite relaxation room at the entrance to the spa is a great quite place to read or nap.
  • Fitness tips: like the food Miraval will offer up an abundance of fitness activities. Some are traditional like yoga, mat pilates, spinning etc but the most interesting are the new and exciting options like BOGA fit or Aerial Yoga.
  • Not to miss. There are a few things not to miss at Miraval. First time guests should make time to fit in the quintessential Miraval experiences: do one of the challenge activities (Desert Tightrope), a hike, Cardio Drumming class, Mindful Stress Mastery class.
  • On Site experts: Miraval has many on site specialists. Not to be missed are Tony Redhouse for meditation, Maggie Garbarini for psychic readings,and Tejpal for spiritual coaching.

inside scoop

Bring a highlighter! You will find it handy for highlighting your weekly Miraval schedule.

  • Book early! As soon as you know you are going you can access the weekly schedule of activity on line. Book your practitioner and spa treatments before you get there.
  • Book spa treatments at night! Miraval does not do much programming after 6pm. Book your spa treatment at 8 or 9 pm, it is a prefect way to ensure a great nights sleep. Wear your robe from your room straight to the spa, after your service there is no need to stop at the spa desk just walk straight to your room. Better yet, schedule an outdoor spa treatment and walk from the outdoor treatment spa to your nearby room.
  • Don't use your phone! Miraval has a no cell phone policy on the property in general. Don't plan on getting work done in the common areas or talking on your phone along the paths. You sign a cell phone contract when you arrive and can only use your phone in your private room/patio or in the parking lot.
  • Bring a book and a journal. The lack of technology front and center make this one of the only places that truly feel off the grid yet so luxurious. Reading and writing come easy here.
  • There are to-go boxes in the restaurant, you can take anything you want out of the restaurant.

skip it

Shopping. There is a boutique on site but it could be better. Fine if you forgot something but not a shopping destination.

What to Pack

Don’t overpack. Mornings and daytime is strictly workout or swim wear. Nights can be a sun dress or shorts. You will spend alot of time in your robe!

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