Published: March, 2018
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Oslo, Norway

Norwegians are a tough bunch. If they mention a 'walk just out the back' that's code for a 4 hour hike up a fjord. They mean well, but take caution.
— Carrie Connor
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  • Trip type: Family, City, Mountains
  • Activity level: high
  • Ideal length of trip: 1-2 weeks

to & from

Icelandic Air – Most economical from Minneapolis and a great airline! We spent 2 nights in Iceland on the way home, which the airline incentivizes. Iceland is beautiful, hike the volcanic river & take the viking horse through volcanic landscape. Skip the pricey mud spa.

We rented a car and drove from point to point in Norway, which (thank god) my husband did beautifully. I should mention his mother grew up in Norway and he has spent a good amount of time in Europe and can therefore adjust to driving. I could not.

Where to Stay

Hotel Torvis, Marifjøra: A charming, quintessential Norwegian hotel. Beautiful surroundings and fun to get there by ferry.

Roisheim Hotel, Sognefjellvegen: My favorite place to stay, very romantic and unique. The hike just out of the back of the hotel is amazing and surprisingly difficult, though the hotel staff said it would be easy (a reoccurring Norwegian theme). The food is outstanding, but like most of Norway, they don’t cater to the gluten and dairy free.

Where to Eat and Drink

  • Festningen: Dinner outside overlooking Oslo Fjord...outstanding seafood platter.
  • Theatercafeen (Theatre Cafe): Wonderful for a nice night out - a bit more formal.
  • Lille Herbern : A small restaurant full of personality & wonderful mussels. You have to arrive by very small boat- google will guide you. So much fun!

What to Do

  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Fram Museum
  • Folk Museum
  • Astrup Fearnly Museum (modern art)
  • National Gallery
  • Urges, Stave Church- oldest state church in Norway
  • Nesbyn (west of Oslo) Halgington Mountain Hike
  • The Lusterfjord- inland toward the Jotenheimen Mountains (VIEW!!!) then 1 km to Feigumfossen Waterfall

inside scoop

  • Driving in Norway is not for the faint of heart, particularly in mountains on small country roads, which are about the size of a bike path in US and have two way traffic.
  • Oslo is fun for all ages, but the rest of the trip was not so
  • The weather changes rapidly. Bring warmer clothes than you'd think, although the temp says 70-75, it's really cold. Always have rain gear when hiking.
  • Because the balance of trip was hiking, we mainly prepared our own food or ate in the hotel restaurants, which usually have the last seating at 8pm, so be sure to plan accordingly

skip it

  • The town of Flam. Looks charming in guidebooks, but is very touristy & terrible.

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