Amy Blake


FAMILY STATS: Married with Grade school Aged Children

TRAVEL MOTTO: Go forth with a smile. I find if you can be flexible and 'happy go lucky', even when flights are cancelled or the rental car breaks down, it will all work out. That sometimes it is in these moments of chaos that travel becomes adventure.

FAVORITE VACATION: My husband and I took our three kids to Italy for a month one summer. We strolled through Rome, Gladiator School was a highlight for my boys. We hiked over ridges in Tuscany. We lounged on the beach in (near, we walked a mile everyday to get there) Portofino. My kids learned a handful of Italian words. We ate gelato every single day (sometimes twice). Trying new flavors and each time declaring them our favorites. The people were incredibly kind and friendly and acted as if we were long lost friends or distant cousins they couldn¹t wait to get to know better. If you are asking me what my favorite vacation was, it is this one. We were a team in this foreign land. There was never a moment of sibling bickering. They encouraged each other to try new things, go a little farther, look a little longer.

ALWAYS IN YOUR SUITCASE: Extra hair rubber bands and Neurogena Lip Moisturizer. I also usually bring my white leather Anya Hindmarch Georgiana tassel clutch. If I¹m beach or city it takes me day to night.

BUCKET LIST VACATION: Safari with my kids. We thought they were too young for years and now I think it would be perfect.