Published: December, 2017
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Paris, France (Amy Blake)

A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.
— Amy Blake
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  • Trip type: Adult, City
  • Activity level: easy
  • Ideal length of trip: AT LEAST 4 DAYS OR FOREVER

to & from

  • Any US city direct to Paris

Where to Stay

Where to Eat and Drink

  • Hotel Costes: (Right Bank, 1st/8th)Trendy hotel/restaurant/bar with snobby girl service but worth visiting property for drinks, tea, lunch or dinner. The Ahi Salad rocks! Dress stylish. Central location by place Vendome.
  • Café Marly: (Right Bank, 1st/8th) For incredible view of Paris, also owned by Costes (above) but located outside the Louvre.
  • Brasserie Flottes: (Right Bank, 1st/8th) Fresh seafood and oysters, good to snuggle here for quick meal day or night, casual, across from Tuilleries gardens.
  • Maison de Truffle: (Right Bank, 1st/8th) Should you like truffles, small restaurant with all kinds of fresh truffles on the menu.
  • Maison Caviar Kaspia: (Right Bank, 1st/8th) Cozy place to snuggle for caviar, salmon and more, nicer decor, just next door to Maison de truffles (above).
  • Kinugawa: (Right Bank, 1st/8th) Japanese restaurant in a trendy environment, go upstairs.
  • Ferdi: (Right Bank, 1st/8th) A small hilarious place for tapas, Argentine-Spanish style, or hamburgers, all while you wait around small tables surrounded by toys.
  • Restaurants around Place Marché Saint Honoré: (Right Bank, 1st/8th) This quiet square has many casual places in case you want cafés, Italian food, bagels etc.
  • Breizh Café: (Right Bank, 3rd/4th) Authentic crepes from salty to sweet with apple cider. Order the green salad with Japanese dressing! Reserve or wait in line.
  • Le Marché des Enfants Rouge: (Right Bank, 3rd/4th) Outdoor market where you order different foods to eat on picnic tables. Italian, Asian, Lebanese etc. A Parisian experience.
  • Merci Cantine: (Right Bank, 3rd/4th) Downstairs of the Merci Store, organic salads and simple plates are served for lunch.
  • Le Sergent Recruteur: (Right Bank, 3rd/4th)Newer fine dining experience in a relaxed manner on isle Saint Louis, after Notre Dame church. Closed on week-ends and Mondays.
  • Table: (Right Bank, 11th/12th, Bastille area) A newer foodie restaurant, industrial design, casual fine dining experience. Started by chef and famous food critic- awesome neighborhood restaurant.
  • Chateaubriand: (Right Bank, 11th/12th, Bastille area) World-renowned fine dining yet casual and inexpensive located in a young hip neighborhood. Book 1 month in advance or do a walk-in after 10pm.
  • L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon: (Left Bank, 6th/7th) One of the best eating experiences in the world, try the mash potatoes if you can. Only two times to reserve or just walk-in.
  • La Société: (Left Bank, 6th/7th) Also owned by Costes, their last big restaurant in Saint Germain, decor by Christian Liegre who did some of Orly's furniture.
  • Ralph's: (Left Bank, 6th/7th) Only if you want an expensive hamburger in beautiful outdoor setting in Saint Germain, Not worth it otherwise, but look at property either way, Ralph Lauren.
  • Le 21 Rue de Mazarine: (Left Bank, 6th/7th) Small unique restaurant, owner speaks English, homemade products and food in cute decor, close to galleries.
  • La Fontaine de Mars: (Left Bank, 6th/7th) Just because it is well known, you can sit outside or inside on ground floor. Bistro style food and décor.
  • Café de Flore: (Left Bank, 6th/7th) An institution in Saint Germain and in Parisian culture, stop here in the morning orfor a coffee break or a little drink.
  • Café Les Deux Magots: (Left Bank, 6th/7th) If you read The Paris Wife, this is where Hemingway and his first wife hung out. Typical French bistro- similar to Café Flore (above).
  • L'Avenue: (Left Bank, 8th) Another owned by Costes, easy menu and people watching.
  • Orient Extrème: (Left Bank, 8th) For a quick Japanese lunch. A spot for the will who's who working Paris in Fashion.
  • Le Stresa: (Left Bank, 8th) An Italian institution day or night, fun ambiance (but not early for dinner) closed on weekends.
  • Market: (Left Bank, 8th) Convenient location for good menu, business style decor, from pizza to fish to truffles.
  • Le Meurice: (Fancy hotel restaurant) Very beautiful space though a bit pricey. Worth a stop for drinks. This historic hotel, situated across the Tuileries Gardens, was built in the 1700's to cater to the British and then moved to the current location in 1835. Known as the "Hotel des Rois", all royal families stay here as well as many movie stars and musicians.
  • Four Seasons, Le Cinq: (Fancy hotel restaurant) Famous Chef. Well known.
  • Hotel Plaza Athenee: (Fancy hotel restaurant) Have drinks at Plaza Bar or tea in Hallway, not dinner.
  • Le Bristol, Epicure: (Fancy hotel restaurant) One of the best fine dining in hotel restaurants in the world…if you want to eat in a hotel.
  • Apicius: (Michelin star/fine dining) Beautiful property, go early for a drink in the bar and check out the courtyard. Dine in contemporary decor restaurant, love this place.
  • Lasserre: (Michelin star/ fine dining) An old institution in an adorable building in central location. Roof opens and closes throughout evening, known for macaroni and all silverware décor. Another love.
  • La Tour d'Argent: (Michelin star/fine dining) Fine dining with a view at its best:
  • Le Grand Véfour: (Michelin star/fine dining) Located in the Palais Royal, also an institution, beautiful decor and service.

What to Do

skip it

Don’t be bothered with Champs-Elysees unless you are on a bike-too touristy.

What to Pack


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